Common Painting Questions

Why Paint?


-You can add serious value to your home with a minimal investment compared to other home improvements such as floors, kitchens, bathrooms, that can have less overall impact. 

Selling your home?  Prospective buyers want to see a well maintained home.  Have clean, dust free walls with modern, neutral colors and clean-cut lines does a few things for you:

- it shows a home buyer that the house is well maintained and kept clean

-Neutral colors allow a perspective home buyer to better envision putting their own personal touches into the home instead of being distracted by your personal touches (i.e. that floral wallpaper in the dining room).

-Finally, choosing modern, popular colors will reflect that the house as a whole is modern and up to date also.  

Water damage on the inside or outside? Call us to make the repairs and repaint  - we can nip these water issues in the bud.

How much will it cost?


Rolling out a wall looks easy, but there are a lot of prep and set-up steps that need to happen to do the job right.  We charge $40.00 per labor hour for professional, clean, work done under license and warranty and by experienced career painters.  

Typical bedroom:

Prep/set-up  = 2-3 hours

Ceilings x 2 coats  = 2 hours

walls x 2 coats  = 6 hours

trim x 2 coats  =  2 hours

10$ bulk discount applied when doing larger jobs.  So, to prep and paint the walls in 3 bedrooms would be about 24 total labor hours  = $960.00  = $860.00 with a bulk discount. 

Exterior jobs typicall range from $2,000 - $5,000 depending on the size of the house and the amount of prep work/repairs. if also a great resource for predicting project costs.

Can I do anything to reduce the price?


Of course!

Some of the items that take up our time and increase costs are:

Moving furniture

Removing electrical face-plates

minor patching

cleaning the trim

protecting furniture.

If we showed up to a job and the rooms were ready to paint with the floors protected, we could reduce the cost of prep/set-up by about $100.00 per room.